Sunday, April 22, 2007

9 more days!

Ahhh! Only 9 more days until I am Calgary bound! That is insane. Another thing that is going to be insane is this week! Packing for home and for Calgary/Studying/all the other stuff=EEK!

Anyhow I find that lately I have been dreaming alot! Some of the dreams I have been having are pretty crazy and the other ones I'm like "man that's pretty cool!". This one I had a while back was insane!

I was dreaming that I was in the Mac-Correy Cafeteria (at Queen's) and this guy (no idea who he is!) walks by me, then all of a sudden he passes out! The paramedics come running in, as well as Queen's First Aid, so I moved back to give them some room. Then God was like "Amanda I want you to get in there and pray for him". So I respond in my head "No, I can't be in the way of the paramedics God, they know what they are doing..."

But as soon as I said that the paramedics who were just about to give the guy CPR said "It's too late! He's already dead" I immediately burst into tears and fell to my kness and started begging God to bring him back and I kept pleading with Him. In that moment it seemed as though there was no one else in the room but the guy, God and I. I continued to cry out to God and the guy stood up and then I woke up!

I have been praying that God would give me wisdom about this dream and have already had many revelations about it.

But what I am finding, is that my dream is kind of relating to where I am at in my walk with God right now. In the sense that my heart has been grieving alot lately and I am noticing that God is giving me a heart for so many things lately that when I pray it is becoming a plea to God. It kind of seems as though God is showing me that if I want to see His glory I need to get on my knees and cry out to Him, which is actually an answer to prayer as I have been praying about what to do in many situations and I think that this dream was the answer I needed!

Praise God!

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Jen said...


Rhonda directed me to your blog...I am glad we will be able to see what is going on in your life, even while you are away.

So, about your dream....very cool.
God is giving you opportunities to do the very things you have been praying for. You are young in years, but that does not hinder the level of anointing...don't ever back down when God gives you instructions. Obey God, and you will never go wrong. You know what I loved in your dream though?
Even though you held back, and there seemed a point it was too late...God was very faithful to meet you when you began to cry out to Him. I LOVE that about My God, He meets us where we are at, and it is never too late....REMEMBER THAT, as you go along. We all have missed opportunities at one time or another....the enemy would love for us to feel that we failed, and it's too late, and God won't use us now...He's mad at us. NOT THE CASE!!!! He's always patiently waiting for us to come back around...sometimes it takes us getting desperate, not for Him to move, but for us to push through. AWESOME dream...AWESOME future...for you as you serve and obey Him with all of your heart!!! Bless you!