Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Wild Wild West

Wow, it's funny how my friends told me that National Project is REALLY tiring, I guess you don't realize how tiring it is until you actually go on one.

So very early last Tuesday morning I found myself awake at 2am (getting ready to head to the airport) so nervous to travel to Calgary all by myself! It was my first time flying alone!

My tummy was doing sommersalts, so I thought for a sec about what I could do...devo...YES that's it!

I pulled out my devo book, but before I did I prayed that God would comfort me because I was petrified of travelling alone and was starting to have second thoughts about going to Calgary. I then opened my devo book and God began His work.

My devo was about whatever you bind on earth you will bind in heaven also. God started to comfort me with His love for me and started to show me it was in His will for me to go to Calgary. Slowly those feelings of anxiety were traded for the peace of God.

So I hit the airport, excited about the adventure God had in store for me! 4 hours later...I find myself in Calgary Alberta!

The first day of project was unpack/get to know people day. I am rooming with 5 wonderful girls and we have already bonded soo much! God has completely blessed us!

Second day of project was a LONNNNNG ONE! But REALLY GOOD! We had a day FULL of seminars. The seminars were on the Holy Spirit, Your personnal mission statement, Conflict Resolution and Biblical basis for evangelism. They were all really good and in these seminars God really started to work in me. He really started to lay on my heart the need for random evangelism. He began to show me that if I don't share my faith with those I don't know, who will?

Third day of project we had a Four Spiritual Laws seminar and How to study God's word (inductive method). We also played the Amazing Race (Calgary Edition) which was so much fun!

Fourth Day (Friday) was job hunting day! First stop was Value Village to get some of the essentials for the apartment! After that Market Mall for some job hunting.

In terms of the job hunt I have an interview Monday at Aldo. I would honestly love to get that job (for all of you who know me, you know why!). But working in customer service gives me the chance to do what I love, serve people! What better way than making their feet look pretty lol! Just Kidding! I am actually excited to get to know people, be the one that listens to them and be a witness of the love of Christ in the market place!

As for today, it is Day of Evangelism and I am pretty stooked! I really hope God uses me today to do whatever ministering He needs to do. I want to be His vessel.

I am so blessed to be here, I am so happy it was in God's will for me to come to Calgary this summer. I love what He is teaching me and how He is changing me.

Love Always,


Rhonda said...

Thanks for the update Kiddo. I am thrilled that God's peace was filling you. Bless you. Always allow God to go ahead of you.

Rhonda said...

Amanda - Where is your brother going?? He asked for prayer this morning in Kids' Church because he said it was his last Sunday.