Thursday, September 25, 2008

In loving memory of John

So today I decided to go have my lunch down by the water with it being such a lovely day (and I have been seeing way too much of the library lately!). I found a good eating lunch worthy rock and busted out my carrots and spinach dip (mmmm!). A few mins later I see a couple of asian ladies with 3 boquets of baby pink roses. Trying not to intrude on what was going on, I turn my head the other way and watch the boats and ducks making their way through the water. All of sudden out of the corner of my eye one of the ladies comes over (the mom) and asks with a smile upon her face:

"Eating lunch?"

"Yes" I reply

She hands me one of the roses

"Oh, no, it's ok."

"No, please"

I accept

She then begins to tell me of her son John and how he attended Queen's and loved sitting down by the water 5yrs ago today.

I am at a loss for words and just listen intently.

She walks past and continues to throw the roses into the water.

Not really knowing what to do with this rose, I pray and felt led to toss it into the water in memory of John.

As I continued to watch the water, his mother cries "John!" "John!"

On the verge of tears at this point unable to eat, I sit unable to really do or say anything.

I begin to pack up and see his mom is too, God prompts me to hug her and my flesh resists, but my spirit wins out and I am led to mourn with her. I grasp her hand and hold it tight with nothing to say. Her words to me:

"God Bless you today"
Father, comfort their broken hearts.

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Shaun and Holly said...

What a memorable moment. May your compassion for others continue to grow!!