Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My prayer for you is...

I think I go through seasons, no I know I go through seasons. But it in this season, I can definitely say that God has really been giving me a passion for His word and truth. While reading His word, experiencing life and reading other books I am truly convinced that Jesus is the way! Not that I wasn't before, but the more I read His word and read Christian books, God begins to confirm things in my heart through His spirit and I am so grateful for that. I can honestly say that I am seeing fruit in my life and that I am hiding His word in my heart!

My prayer for womens ministry this year is that they would "love the Lord their God with all their heart and with all their soul and with all their mind" (Matt 22:37).

There is nothing I would rather be doing this year, this is how I want to spend my year!


Shaun and Holly said...

How nice for me to check on your blog and find a new post!! ;o)


Jenna Dowling said...

Yay!! This post has me so excited for the new season!!! It's so refreshing & wonderful to know that God can give us fresh start, and ways to really draw near to Him.

I love you Amanda!