Friday, October 24, 2008

"We're all in this together"

So this morning I had a really funny idea for a blog topic. With this being the opening night of HSM3 I decided to dedicate this blog to all boys who have always wanted to see HSM but just never knew how. Here are some ways:

1. Call up a group of your lady friends and make it a note that you need to protect them from harm (if they are going in the evening), thus you need to come with them
2. Offer to babysit that kid you have never had any intention of babysitting just to go see HSM3
3. Go to the theatres tonight and sneak in with a group of girls (no one will ever know, wink)

4. Be a lame boy sitting at home, wishing every time the movie plays you wish you would have gone to see it, sigh.


Hansen said...

this is still funny. hahaha

~Amanda~ said...

hehehe, the movie was 10 times funnier!

Hansen said...

serious? Nice!....*cough* I mean, I'm too macho to want to go see it *cough*

Rhonda said...

There was a boy sitting next to Brittany & I (with a seat in between) at the movie on Friday night. He was about 12-14 years of age. And HE WAS THERE ALONE!! We couldn't believe it. He was so into the movie too! Obviously no shame. :)

Jenna Dowling said...

I will admit, I have never seen any of the HSM's... but I secretly want to.
Maybe I will rent all 3 someday with my hubby for a night in HAHAHA
he would haaaate me!!!

great post!!

wait... Hansen... so I smell a hang out night?