Monday, March 15, 2010

Half of my heart

Listening to: Johnny Mayer "Half of my heart"
(seems approps as how often do I give God just half of my heart)

As I give
As I surrender
I see how it draws me closer to the heart of God
I see that these things are not mine
They belong to God
He has entrusted them to my care
And as I give them away
They no longer have a hold on me
My heart moves closer to His
And I am overjoyed

You would think that lots of stuff and money would bring happiness
That true satisfaction would come from living a life of comfort and accomplisment
But no amount of shopping
No amount of home decor
No amount of gourment meals
No amount of fame
No amount of awards
No amount of busyness
No amount of stuff
Will satisfy
I've been in each of these places
And I continue to feed my body with these small sugary snacks
When the King is offering me a feast

When will I learn?
When oh when will I learn that worshiping God with my whole heart means everything that I have is His?
And when will I remember the joy I feel in surrendering all that I am and all that I have to God?
The joy that is knowing Him
The joy that is knowing that NOTHING, NOTHING but Him will ever satisfy me?

It is well with my soul
When will I unclench my fist?
And let go of what I think is mine?

Lord may I use what I have to know you more and to help others know you. May I worship you with all of my heart. Help me oh Lord.

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Mandy said...

“Stop eating cookies, while God offers us a banquet.” - Kak√°

glad it could get you thinking... :)