Thursday, March 11, 2010

Speechless and Silent

Anyone else feeling this way?
After the earthquake that hit Haiti and Chile
After the execution of 6 World Vision Employees
After several hundred Nigerian Christians were brutally killed on Sunday (as many as 500)
After the 7.2 aftershock hitting Chile

I don't know what to say. My heart is silent and speechless.

Lord your heart aches for each one of these people. Those who died in the earthquakes and those who had their lives taken from them from man. God thank you that you have experienced pain that you are not a God who cannot relate. You are one who relates in every way. God I ask that in this time, this horrific seasons would be used for your glory. May these times draw people closer to you.

Father I pray for the family members and friends of those who lost their loved ones please comfort them.

Lord I pray for those who took the lives of the World Vision employees and those who killed those in Nigeria. Lord, how my heart longs for justice to take place. God I ask that they to would come to a saving knowledge of you.

Lord I lift these things unto you, knowing how much you care, and desire all men to know you. For your Glory and Fame, because you are everything that is good in Holy in our messed up world.


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