Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tried, Tested and True

Hungry yet?
So this past Christmas one of the things I got was a book to record recipes in.
I thought at first it was kinda funny as for the most part my recipes either come from:
a) online (blog, foodnetwork, allrecipes..etc)
b) from a recipe book
c) from one female to another (via email or binders filled with photo-copied recipes)

So I thought at first between my computer and some binders I don't really need somewhere to store MORE recipes!
Then the light bulb went on.

I decided that this book is ONLY for recipes that are "Tried, Tested and True"
Not one of those "well someday when I have these things in my pantry I would like to try this..."
These guys are defaults, so on a day when I need something I know is yummy, I have record of them.

Tonight, it happened to be the soup shown above. I think I actually got it down pat tonight. Thus making sure I wrote it down EXACTLY how it was made.

Now to put that potato soup recipe in there that I made the other night! DELISH ;D


redeemed diva said...

That looks good. I'm drooling!

Jill said...

will you be sharing the recipe??

Amanda said...

oui oui!
(i apologize in advance for how poorly the recipe is written out)

it's really easy and most of the time consists of veggies i have in the fridge :)

-cook up some ground beef, pork or chicken (whichever you prefer)
-put a small to med size pot of water onto boil (for the pasta..i really enjoy the whole wheat bow ties in this soup)

-bring a large pot of water to a boil
then add:
-2 to 3pcks of chicken bouillon
-bay leaf
-1 can diced tomatoes
let that come to a simmer
then add:
-chopped zucchini
-2 ribs of celery
-1 to 2 carrots (i had one left so thats what i used)

lastly, add the ground meat and pasta to the soup and let it simmer for a few mins

serve with bread and bon apetite!