Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Things

your ex boyfriends mom so happy to see you (just to give you context things ended well, nothing nasty just more fear of the akward unknowns), embracing you with a hug, kiss, great convo and homemade yummy Chinese food.

relationship not lost, PRAISE GOD!


emily said...

I've been there!
Two sets if parents from ex-boyfriends have supported my work with c4c whether it was a one-time gift or regularly and it blesses me so mch bc I know they're not worrying about their sons feelings and holding grudges, they're letting the Spirit lead them to love and serve the "heart breaker" who broke things off with their sons.

Being pregnant I'm seeing how difficult this could be one day- if my kids are ever hurt by someone I will have a HARD time loveing them lol!

not that you hurt your ex-b just was the case my my two stories ;)

Amanda said...

that was one of my fears was losing the fam and other friends i had made. i feel so blessed by God in how well saturday went, i wanted to cry happy tears of joy.

so good to hear about ex-bf's rents supporting you. those situations can be sticky but we have a God who is bigger than those situations and make the awkward awesome!