Sunday, April 18, 2010

grace grace marvelous grace part 1

Thinking a bit on grace tonight (which I need to do more often, b/c by golly gosh it is SO DARN GOOD!) and what it free's me up to do. Here are a few things I am pondering (ie. my salvation and or worth are not based on these things! PRAISE GOD!)

1. Free from performance
2. Free from feelings
3. Free to love my family
4. Free to love my neighbours
5. Free to LIVE!

More to come on this topic as I reflect more.
But for now I am tasting and seeing that the Lord is indeed GOOD and that His grace is more than enough for me. It enables me to do what I am unable to. Thank you Jesus for loving me in my sin, but loving me too much to leave me in it. Thank you for undeserved life.

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