Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a few undertakings

So I have a few tasks ahead of me this summer. One is to learn html, so I can make a prettier blog and just for pure interest sake.

Another, at some pt is to recover my cushions. However, I am fresh out of ideas. I want something that says "summery fresh" for now and then I will make different covers for the fall/winter. So I have taken a few shots and would love some feedback.

Also this futon is not mine. It's a friends who is storing it here while they moved. BUT the couch I do have, I plan on covering in a similar colour. Thus why I took a pic of the futon against my light green walls.

Another undertaking is my Kitchen. I am thinking a fun window covering would do (as opposed to the awful brown plaid one it came with). Most of the things in my kitchen have a bright yellow, dark green or milk chocolate base. So keeping those colours in mind and noting my off white walls, what would you suggest?

Thanks for your input!


Jill said...

Hi! I don't really have any suggestions for your house, but I do have a tip for your blog. I recently read that Windows Live Writer is a good place to write your posts (you can publish straight from there). It's so much easier to use and you can change your font with every post (tons of options for that) and also make HUGE pictures. Also, this site http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/ is very helpful. I don't think you need to learn HTML to have an interesting blog, imo!!

Jill said...

I meant interesting-looking blog!! :)

Loni said...

LOL..that's my futon! You have great taste so I am not sure that you need too much advice...maybe just a sounding board or some inspiration.
I was at Emiline and Annabelle for inspiration the other day and picked out some cute fabric...then I realised that these were all fabrics that emily picked out....shoot..back to the old drawing board...

Amanda said...

@Jill: thanks so much for the ideas on making my blog prettier without having to learn html :)

and Lons, can we make a trip to this place next weekend? I could use a little inspiration :D