Sunday, October 31, 2010

A year later

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Well it's cooled down quite a bit here in Montreal and we have seen a little bit of snow too. But, all is well as I sit typing this cozily under a blanket, listening to some smooth jazz and enjoying my pumpkin candle.

Anyhow, these past few weeks I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting.
Today I was going through a couple of my blogposts and started reading one where I was a little over a year ago {}.

I will admit, last year was one tough year.
I felt really disconnected from Christian community and really discouraged at my workplace. It wasn't a great place to be.

I would come home from work mentally exhausted trying to learn a new language and then force myself to go out to Bible Studies and Young Adults at my church when all I wanted to do was rest and stop initiating.

So what happened you ask?

1. I found a home to call my own. I was just crashing with a friend for a bit in her living room, {which I am VERY thankful for} but there is nothing like having your own place to decorate and live in as you please.

2. Life in Montreal got better {especially as the weather improved} I hung out with my co-workers and church friends more.

3. I got out and explored the city and LOVED it {festivals and museums galore!}

4. My french has improved. I can understand for the most part if a customer has a question that I don't hear that often {am able to pull out some words} and respond with my very small vocab.

5. I am adjusting to life in Montreal. I may not be up to speed {not to say that ppl in Montreal are always on the go} but especially after having my seziure, I have learned to value my pace of life and not let others {especially media} dominate or influence my pace or way of living.

Twas a challenging yr looking back and not to sure if I would want another one of those, but am thankful for how God did sustain me though that time.


Melany said...

Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by, and I really like your blog. I can relate to some of your experiences of the past year, I think. I moved to South Dakota, got a place of my own, which I love, and am seeking to serve God in the big and little things (loved your about me!). I welcome you to visit my blog, Letters from Rosebud, I think, as I see you interest in ideas for making your new home, that you might enjoy a series of posts "Lessons in Hospitality" that explore what I am learning as I seek to do the same and use it to reach others with Christ's love.

Amanda said...

@Melany. Thanks so much for dropping in and leave a comment :D
Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I just saw your post.
Mmm God is so good isn't He? He is really showing me what it means to use all I have {which isn't mine to begin with} to glorify Him.
Dropped by your blog and its soo good! Will drop in often ;D

stocks said...

God is so awesome I wish others will realize how great he is before the trumpet sounds. Like your blog.

Melany said...

Amanda, thanks for stopping by. :) You're welcome anytime. I appreciate what you've written here.