Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Committing to love

Sometimes love just comes naturally, but alot of times it takes work. This is one I KNOW that without a doubt, I will have to work on.

Committing to love Belleville.

As I read over and studied Jonah 4 tonight, it dawned on me. I could either:
a) Be just like Jonah, sitting under that tree {or fleeing to Tarshish}, whining about he'd rather be dead than alive


b) I could give thanks for the opportunity to serve God in Belleville and realize that this city is also in desperate need of Him {just like the Ninevites}

It is ultimately my choice.

I do pray that God provides me with solid Christian community here in Belleville, a great job and exciting opportunities to serve Him in and out of the Church.

So God, prepare my heart for this city. As I seek your face, may my heart break for this city and compel me to share your love.

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yeti said...

I have been learning that sometimes loving is going to be the harder choice, but love comes from God, seek him and he gives it generously.