Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Fall,

You are BY FAR one of my most FAVE seasons! I love everything you come with: cooler weather, crunchy colour changing leaves, boots crunching on said leaves, amazing Starbucks drinks, beautiful sweaters, a time of change and usually routine.

I think I am slowwwwly adjusting to life back in Belleville. I L.O.V.E my job! Something about helping a woman look great for her husband because he's been in Afghanistan for 2yrs, excites me, and makes me realize that I'm not JUST working a retail job, but I have an AMAZING opportunity to help impact people's lives, help them feel a renewed confidence if you will? Maybe that's why Stacy and Clinton enjoy their job SO much.

In other news, finding Christians my age and ones that I can relate to=HARD. Many of the one's I have met are quite younger than me {not that that's a bad thing}, thus are at a different life stage. Making it challenging to relate to where they are at. Still praying and seeking every opportunity I can get.

I have however signed up to do a Beth Moore study with some of the women from my church. Hoping many sign up as that will be the indicator as to whether or not they start up that study *fingers crossed*

So this is my life currently. The lack of community definitely proves as the most challenging part of this season. However, in this I pray I be reminded that God is good, loves me and will provide for me in some form or another as I do my part in seeking this. He's done it before, it's that reminding my unfaithful heart that He can do it again.

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