Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Years Goals {better late than never :D}

So maybe a little late if you will on the New Years goals but they are in the works and I am PUMPED for them:
1. Run a 5K by next Spring. I was watching a reality show on TV called Guiliana and Bill and was really inspired to run as Guiliana talked about wanting to run again but not sure if her body was ready to do it after losing her child through In Vitro {heart breaking story}. Her perseverance to overcome what she thought her body was incapable of doing encouraged me, that even though I am epileptic I can attain these goals in a time that works best for my body.

2. Still on the topic of running I would love to see if I could combine my love for God, running and passion to end human trafficking. My thoughts... see if I can raise funds to run for an organization like International Justice Mission or Love 146.

3. Serve my city. God is showing me daily that this city is in DESPERATE need of Him. It's devastating to see how many women come into my work in search of business clothes on a limited budget while trying to support their child, education and themselves. With this in mind, I pray that these simple acts will lead them to the Giver of life and Giver of all things good:

*getting involved with the Benevolence team at my Church
* building into the young women at my church
*donating clothes and other things I don't need to the local women's shelter or crisis and pregnancy center

4. And last but definitely not least, do weekly or bi-weekly word studies on my blog {ie. love, brokenhearted, good}. I want to fall in love with Jesus daily and be continually challenged in my walk with Him.

So, this leaves me to say, what are your hopes, expectations and prayers this New Year? I do pray that first and foremost this is a year that we all fall more in love with Jesus and out of that love springs grateful obedience.

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