Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I find it harder and harder these days to surround myself with people who truly have a desire to follow the Lord in all they do. I don't want to just be with people who consider themselves a "Sunday Christian", I want to be around those who desire the truth of Christ to reign over all of their lives even if it means sacrifice.

I am sick of this stagnant feeling.

I will be the first to admit that I am NOT perfect and that is why I need Christ.  But I also need community.

I desire to be in a community of women that are passionate seekers of His truth, ones who long to be transformed into His likeness and who pray and encourage each other greatly.

I believe Christ is calling us to be so much more than just a "Sunday Worshipper".  We were designed to glorify Him in all we do.

That glory starts by reading and living out His truth.

So, any ladies in the area interested in doing some form of summer Bible study? I have been doing a Cynthia Heald study on my own time called "Becoming a woman of purpose" and quite enjoying it.  She also has many other studies.


Rebecca Hall said...

For me, a big part of it is quality time together, transparent and engaging with God together. Challenging, teaching, and rebuking one another. That makes all the difference for me in feeling loved and in community.

And that's been the challenge for a few weeks.

Many of my friends are all in a transition stage - moving away or traveling, off-setting schedules or parenting. It makes it hard with my work schedule to find a moment together to be raw and clear.

I also miss having a mentor. This has been such a catalyst in my growth when one is present. I don't know what to do but to pray for a mature Christian woman (who is available and willing) to cross my path.

And I agree with fb posts - a period of alone time with God is just what we need, and sometimes need to be forced into.

Thanks for your post! It's good to hear your heart.

Marie-Claire said...

I want the same thing, but it feels impossible to have all the way up here in the great white north that is Akulivik. I know that nothing is impossible with God, so I keep praying for a community :)