Monday, July 15, 2013

I Remember...

This past Thursday evening tragedy struck the Body of Christ when we lost a dear beloved member of it.

He was such a wonderful guy.  In my grieving I got a pen and pad of paper out and tried to re-count all the good times.  Here's what came out:

I Remember
Greg Shepherd                                                                        1985-2013

I remember when I first met you at Camp Ability and thought “Wow! You have an AMAZING laugh!” Then I met your brothers and dad and they all shared that same beautiful laugh.

I remember your sweet spirit.  It stood out amongst the crowd and glowed like a light in the darkness. 

I remember countless movie nights at the Crowder’s and as we were all deciding on a movie “AVP” was always your top pick.

I remember those beautiful sunny afternoons when we’d all load up after church to spend the day at Wesley Acres.

I remember youth conventions and the things you and Ryan would do to make us all laugh.  You were SO good at that.

I remember Camp days at the KOA and upon my entrance in the pool, you’d look at Andrew, grin and splash me like crazy just to get a reaction.  That water was freezing for the record, but I loved that that was the way you showed brotherly love.

And last but definitely not least.  I remember and never EVER will forget that conversation to Cobourg beach with the kids at camp.  We were chatting and you were telling me how wonderful Church and God are.  You were right.  That following Sunday I came to Church and began my journey in coming to know the Lord. 

You introduced me to some beautiful people, always always made me laugh and always called me by my full name (“It’s, it’s Amanda Marvin”).  You made me feel loved and welcomed.  Thank you for being SO sweet and loving towards me even when I didn’t know Jesus.  You loved unconditionally and that love radiating was SOO contagious it led me to the Lord.

Now I can share that same love with the world.  Thank you Greg Shepherd.  I still can’t fathom that your not here with us.   I miss you SO much!

I am thankful I know where you are and that you are wearing a crown made just for you as you stand in the presence of your Maker. 

Well done Greg Shepherd.  I love and miss you dearly dear brother. 

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