Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Dreams a Reality

I don't even think I can begin to describe how excited I am for this summer. One of the things we need to do in order to raise suppport for project is write support letters asking ppl to prayerfully or financially partner with me in this ministry.

So the other night I sat down and started typing one out and I there were so many thoughts running through my head and sooo many things that I wanted to share with people as to why I want to go on this project. I have never been this passionate about a missions trip before.

I first heard about the project back in September and thought "Wow, that is really cool". As I read up on it I was under the impression that they were looking for students to just do full-time ministry, so to clarify I emailed the info link.

To my suprise, my support coach from Calgary project that I went on this past summer (who was also a Staff member on the project) was going to be the project director for Waterloo project (wonderful connection already!).

So I asked as to whether or not they were taking students who wanted a taste of full-time campus ministry and she told me it was a very real possibility but would have to check in on it when she met with the other project directors that week. Once she did that she told me she would email me back with the news.

That week I prayed and had soooo much peace knowing that if God wanted me on that project He was going to open up a position for me.

A few days later I get an email from Beth saying to start applying as they decided that they were going to accept students interested in getting a feel for full-time campus ministry (WOO HOO!).

So I applied and really enjoyed the application process as I felt as though my heart was being poured out onto paper (or computer screen for that matter, ha!). God started to show me my gifts that He revealed to me on Calgary project and how He wanted to use them for His glory (Can I just say, "speechless!!!"). He began to show me that He wanted me to use the songs He had given me to make videos that will really challenge ppl in their faith. How exciting! Not to forget He started to show me that I was also going to be discipling ppl (helping them see who God has called them to be) and do evangelism so I can help others see that life to the full is an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and realizing the gifts He has given you to use for His glory! WOW! On top of that giving me glimpses into my final yr at Queen's, where I saw myself pouring my heart out to others and helping young women make the Great Commission their own! Another WOW!

So after I finished my application 2 of my references came in soon after. However I was still waiting on one more. I sent emails and called this individual and felt as though I was not making headway. I then talked to a friend and thought, "Maybe this is God telling me not to go?" she however did not agree with me. From what I just shared with you above, she felt that God was very much calling me to go on this particular project and that I was just in a season of waiting. So I waited some more and then it was reading week. At this point I was able to see this individual in person and asked how they were making out with the reference and also found out that this person does need daily reminders to do things (my fear of being a pest was put to ease! thats for sure!). With that being said this past Monday my final reference went in and I was accepted as you can see from my previous post this past Tuesday! WOO HOO!

As, you can see, that blog was sooo long and I want to tell everyone in detail what I am going to be doing this summer. When you start to see what God has designed you to do, there is no greater joy! I really feel that right now, this is what God is calling me to. I want to see a generation of ppl rise up and take crazy awesome steps of faith in the direction God is calling them. I believe God gives us dreams for a reason and right now I am seeing mine, going for it and with that helping others seek and reach theirs.

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