Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Lord of the Sabbath

After a week of school and ministry it's nice to be able to take Sunday off! Although I cleaned up the kitchen, it really needed to be done before any relaxing could be done.

I sat down at my dining room table and put on some Norah Jones and just sat in my chair relaxing, literally unable to move with the sun beams brightly shining in and sipping a new juice I picked up (pomegrante, blackberry and rasberry).

It's weird not doing anything, but I realized how much I need it. If I don't have that one day a week to regenerate then I will burn out. God knew what He was doing when He commanded we keep the Sabbath Holy. He knows what we need.

On that note, Friday night I went out dinner with my friend on exchange from Australia (Claire, she's soo great!) and we got talking about our testimonies and I was explaining to her that when I was searching I discovered that Christianity was the freedom I was looking for/desperately needed. And she replied it's so funny you say that because alot of people today don't think Christianity=Freedom. It's so true! Then today I got thinking about other religions and how bound people are by the law and it devastated me. Then I got thinking about how people live who don't yet know Jesus and thought my life would be meaningless!

This is why the Sabbath is so necessary, to slow down, process what you have learned and apply it to life.


Angelic Engineer said...

yay for the Sabbath :) So excited for you on Waterloo project!

Shari said...

I need times of rest - I can go and go BUT then I must rest.

boycrazy said...
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perseverance. said...

i take too many Sabbaths to begin with. ahahah ;) glo