Saturday, August 1, 2009

pen to paper...or more like letters to computer screen

So this past week I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Whistler BC (courtesy Power to Change Ministries). While out there, I was working with the children's ministry (we basically had Vacation Bible School for all the Power to Change parents children while they went to a conference).

I think I learned some important lessons while out there (for me that is):
1. After conversing with many people who recharge by being alone, I have discovered that I too recharge by being alone (the appeal of living alone=huge sigh of relaxation)
2. I need to sleep more before having two long days of travel (*sigh*)
3. I saw a direct need for the Gospel to be communicated numerous times to children and what that looks like in their daily lives
4. Burst your bubble (Power to Change resource) has changed the way I will share my faith
5. I need to spend more time reading, meditating on and memorizing God's word (especially in areas that speak about my identity in Christ and stewardship)
6. I really need to think more before I speak. And if I am honest with myself, those words or tone are usually not the most edifying (as the heart is deceitful above all)
7. I need to be patient in breaking those old habits. I get so frustrated when I don’t see a change right away. One of the books I am reading says it takes a person approximately 6 weeks to change a habit (3 to break and another 3 to get used to it)…I now see why God is so patient with me and am thankful for His grace ☺
8. Some things in life are just worth that extra $ (ie. Great bed sheets and mattresses, quality Hunter rainboots to take you through the slushy Canadian winters and a warm, stylish, fitted, hooded winter coat…oh almost forgot, the sunken bath tub with arm rests that conform to your body and you can fully stretch out in)
9. I need a lot of sleep and its really hard to fall asleep in the Toronto Coach Canada terminal while making sure no one steals your personal belongings! (Come on 6:30!)
10. I need to blog or journal more. I learn a lot about who I am when I get things out on paper. On a brighter note, the sun is shining and it gave me plenty of time to listen to Diana Krall and evaluate how I have been doing, what I am learning and how to put that into practice.
11. I need to constantly remind myself that Christ accepts me just as I am (so I don’t kill myself trying to be someone I am not, and that my sanctification is a slow process in which Christ and I are carrying out together)

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Amy said...

Great list!!

I, too, recharge after being alone. God has made us all so unique!!