Monday, October 19, 2009

beaming with anticipation

-hanging with some C4C girls tonight over baked goods and swaping clothes/stuff
-small group tomorrow night
-young adults wednesday night
-home for the weekend on thursday night
-kickboxing with mom on friday night
-nanny's b-day party saturday afternoon
-movies with bro in the evening
-church on sunday (maybe both services b/c i LOVE maranatha!)
-apple picking
-making apple crisp with a great friend and my mom

on a more random note:
-the things God is teaching me/woman He is making me

thankful for:
-the blessing of living with an awesome woman of God for three months and learning sooo much!
-whether it was theology/music/art/fashion/food/health...she is a vault of info and i praise God for her wisdom
-as a result of living with her, i feel more free in expressing myself in all areas of life whether it be my convictions God has given me or little things like the clothes i choose to wear or how i opt to spend my free time. this woman has truly shown me that in all this, i stand before God and if its fine with Him, its fine with me :)
as a small disclaimer on that last point:
i am still open to the fact that some things are temptations for others and would refrain for their pursuit of holiness

i am hearting life right now <3
like evacuate the dance floor, i feel like busting a move, i am hearting life!
thank you Jesus!


Holly said...

Awesome!!! : )

Emily said...

Dorrie can have that effect on people :)
praise God for Dorrie Block