Saturday, October 24, 2009

falling for fall-weekend love

these past few days have been AMAZING!
alot of the things i LOVE to do were all combined into one glorious weekend :)

it all started friday morning with a doctors appt at 9:30am (so much for sleeping in eh?)
your all probably thinking what is so great about a doctors appt? well there isn't anything really, but i did enjoy the walk there (admiring all the colourful trees and the sound of them crunching under my feet oh and who could forget, that crisp fall smell in the air? i love it!)
which was then followed by an appt to get my eyebrows did (yess!)
after that i decided to treat myself to lunch at this cute cafe that a guy from France actually came to Belleville and opened up. i had the most amazing ham, swiss and mushroom quiche on the cutest plates ever!
-scored a cute little hat i have been wanting for a while for really cheap
-looked around at more stores downtown and had some great convo's with the owners
-impromptu coffee date with a friend
-dinner date with the fam
-shopping with mom

-i babysitt some of my favorite girls :)
we watched madeline, made cookies, ate KD for lunch and giggled over the sounds animals make (not to mention i LOVE their house! its not a mansion, but the way it's decorated, is soo homey and makes me dream about the day when i have a family and how much i will enjoy making my house cozy and welcoming while doing fun things with my kids :)
-this was followed by my nanny's 85th birthday celebration. it was great to see ppl i haven't seen in soo long and to meet some of my cousins kids that i have never met before (they are so stinkin cute!)
-we then went back to my nanny's opened gifts, had dinner together with some great conversation about the old memories we made

as for tomorrow:
-i am SOO looking forward to maranatha (i heart that church!)
-hanging with my bro (he's gone away on a retreat with the youth and i miss him like crazy...we are pretty tight)
-nothing planned for the afternoon, laying low
-the turkey dinner my mom is making me :)

thank you Lord for a great weekend :)


Amy said...

sounds like fun!!

redeemed diva said...

That sounds like such a great day. You described it very well and I want quiche now!