Wednesday, October 28, 2009

julie and julia: take one :)

so i decided that i would systematically work through a cookbook just for fun :)
i think i shall call my adventures julie and julia take (whatever the meal number is from the book)
i decided on Michael Smiths cookbook (the chef at home guy on the Food Network)

tonight i made my first thing from his book
it started with a craving for quiche for dins (which was my first and turned out pretty good)
and then a craving for some apple or pear salad with walnuts and cranberries, however, i wanted a nice light dressing and none of the ones in the fridge were cutting it

then the lightbulb went on!
i remembered that i brought my Michael Smith cookbook back with me and he has recipes for about 6 different vinaigrettes :)
i looked through them and decided on the vanilla vinaigrette
here's the recipe:

-1 cup evoo
-half cup white wine vinegar
-2 spoonfuls honey
-3 teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract (it calls for two but i found the dressing still bitter)
-a spoonful dijon mustard
-a sprinkle of salt and pepper

serve over your choice of salad (i would highly recommend one with some form of fruit)
and enjoy ;)

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