Sunday, October 11, 2009

laughter: she can't contain it

sometimes i enjoy those days where i am able to let my emotions run loose
its nice when you need to cry and your in a place where that is possible, or where you are soo angry at injustice and know that one day there will be an end to it all
to know that God is patient and wants everyone to come to a repentance
but also to know that God mourns and weeps with us
thank you Jesus
as for today, i have had many moments of laughter which i am so thankful for ;)

it started with an invite to see disney on ice (yes i know i was lame and didn't go)
i spent a day all to myself
looking at my work week ahead, it was a hard, but wise choice
i am learning that solitude gives me rest
it really refreshes me

-so after church i headed up to the plateau and had a yummy bagel and salad at St Viateur
(i was also very happy to see they were playing some old episodes of the pink panther), i felt like a fool sitting by myself eating my meal trying to withhold laughter
-this was then followed by some much enjoyed window shopping
-a stop at a cute inexpensive grocery store (to get banana's for the banana choco chip pancakes i have been craving lately!)
-another pit stop at premiere maison for an after dinner treat
-and a little pumpkin for decoration until it gets made into martha stewarts pumpkin soup :)
-then while on the metro, i pulled out one of the 3 books from my bag, this time it was madame bovary, i am only three pages in and almost died laughing

as for right now, i am enjoying this:

whilist chuckling to myself at my random almost outbursts of laughter today
(not the greatest quality pic on my macbook, but you get the idea :)

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