Thursday, October 8, 2009

i never thought i would say this...

everyone told me to enjoy school while it lasted and i always shrugged them off
i never realized til now how much i love school
or maybe i just like the flexible schedule moreless
when you are scheduled to work, there is no i am not going to it, like classes? (shhh, lol)

so one thing i realized is how much i miss kingston!
while listening to Frank Sinatra tonight i realized:
i miss the "serves you right" resto in Kingston, and more than that, i miss those after church brunch dates there with sarah and sitting there for 2rhs after finishing our meal, sipping tea.
i miss the kingston farmers market (as expensive as it was)
i miss all those cute little shops on princess st and nearby
i miss sipps coffee shop soo much! (how i LOVE that place)
i miss my apartment in kingston, so spacious, yet, so cozy!

looking at this list again, i say what i never thought i would, i miss kingston.

1 comment:

Jenna Dowling said...

Amanda this is sooo cute! It makes me miss Kingston!! I can't wait to be there next year!!
-- You have to tell me where this Sipps is!

And where are you living now?