Thursday, June 24, 2010

I like you, I like you not

In case you're wondering, this post has nothing to do with a boy! But has everything to do with things that I like and don't like. As odd and cheesy as it sounds I am having fun figuring out what I like and what I don't like. I feel like Montreal has given me the opportunity to do just that. I must thank God for bringing me here. As hard as it is, it's shown me who I am and what I value. More thoughts to come. Here are some things I have discovered:

1. The more I explore Montreal (ie get my butt out of downtown) the more I fall in love with it. Case and pt last night I made my way to the gay village to eat at la couscoussiere with my co-workers and really enjoyed it.
2. People who are not U2 should not do covers of U2
3. Eating late gives me nightmares (3 last night). Lesson learned? I hope so!
4. I forgot how much I LOVE biking until I bixi'ed home from work yesterday (public bike system in Monts)
5. I enjoy some Country music (insert Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift here...sigh...)
6. Getting deep into God's word and seeing how it applies to my life
7. Doing number #6 in a group with my brothas and sistas in Christ ;D
8. Celebrating my first Saint Jean Baptiste day in Montreal QC
9. Hearing the need once again for the Quebecois (thank you again Christina)
10. Jazz Fest! Very excited to sit outside for an afternoon and listen to some good ol jazz....siiiigh

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Hansen Lung said...

haha! the first line cracked me up. and then the rest was very good :)