Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lazy days, Summer Meals and books

Today I journeyed to Lachine Canal with a friend for a visit and to enjoy the lovely breeze coming off the water.

We then decided to take a stroll through the Atwater Market on the way back. I was debating getting some cherry tomatoes but didn't want to spend 4-5 dollars for a small basket I'd eat in one sitting. But then, as I passed one stand, my friend asked the guy how much they were:

"Trois dollar"
He said.
Hmm, three dollars I thought
"Oui, Je prend ca"
I responded

As he went to bag them up, he made sure I got a good mix.

So I thought to myself on the way home that I needed to make my meal based around these tomatoes. So, that I did!

I got some cheddar and crackers out and then made a pasta. This pasta dish is my favorite impromptu summer dish. When its hot and I want something light and yummy. Here is the recipe:

-Make some spaghetti (according to package)
-In another frying pan, put in a wee bit of extra virgin olive oil
-Cut up some bell peppers into little pieces and put them in the heated pan
-Also cut up some pancetta and throw it in the heated pan
-Heat peppers and pancetta til the peppers have a hint of brown
-Mix the peppers and pancetta in with the spaghetti

Top each dish of pasta with corriander, unsalted sunflower seeds and parm cheese.

Oh and Bon Appetite!

Ps. I have to say since reading My Life in France by Julia Child, she has inspired my writing style. It's very much a narrative now, I document how I shop for food and all that happens while doing it :D

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