Monday, July 26, 2010

Bear with me

As you can probably tell my blog is undergoing a few changes. I was getting bored with the colours and want to make a new banner of some pics I've taken here in Monts this summer, so I ask you to bear with me as it may not look all that pretty.

In other news, my soul has been doing backflips for Jesus these past few days.
Take case number one: My Pastor is going through the book of Genesis during the evening service. Last night he taught on Sodom and Gomorrah. He mentioned that Dr Bryant Wood (biblical archaeologist) had said that bitumen was found in the dead sea. Bitumen is a highly flammable substance that must be heated in order to flow. This ties into Gen 19:24.

Case number 2: I had a small convo with my friend Em on parenting. We discussed different methods and how we were parented. I mentioned how I enjoyed one families method that stuck to their word (ie. If you say you get a time out for doing something, you follow thru with it). Which led to the idea of justice, which then led me on my walk home to think of my sin and how I deserved justice.
"I've screwed up so much God. You don't have my heart. My heart is so caught up in the beauty of this world that I've become desensitized to my sin."
I said this to Him as I walked along one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Montreal.

I'm realizing more and more that enjoying the things on this earth is fine, but coveting is not. I must confess I'm guilty as charged.

I covet the nice home
I covet the picture perfect Christian family
I covet the one's who can spend the day shopping in designer stores with a latte in hand
I covet the ones who don't have to rise at 4am

As I though about all my sin, I thought:
"God how on earth could you love me! I love this world more than I love you."

And He reminded me that:
He loved me even while I was a sinner, who didn't know him
He loves me even as I mess up now

That very confirmation made my soul well up with joy and my eyes well up with tears.

Thanks for those sweet simple reminders. I need those, lots of them.


emily said...

praise God!
i love his mercy!

jamesbellthefirst said...

When this post first came up in my feed reader, I thought it was going to be an encouragement to become a nudist, with the title "Bare with me." :p
I think you meant "Bear with me." At least, I hope that's what you meant!
But instead it was encouraging in a much more worthwhile way. :)

Amanda said...

Oops! Thanks for pointing that out James!
How have you been these days?

d. said...

very encouraging & well written post. :)