Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Justification by Theology=Idolatry

Today, I read a really great article from the Resurgence blog called Justification by Theology. I really liked it, because it addressed an issue that has been on my heart lately, that issue being Reformed Theologians priding themselves in their theology.

Now, I will be the first to admit, I LOVE REFORMED THEOLOGY. Why? Well after spending a summer reading the word to gain convictions on Predestination, it just made sense to me (you know when you have one of those head to heart connections? yeah that happened). Making sense and gathering your convictions from God's word is one thing, priding yourself in them is another.

I spent an entire yr, defining myself as "Reformed" before I did Christian sometimes. Not realizing at the time that this had horrible effects on the body of Christ. Not only was I becoming a cold hearted arrogant Christian to those who didn't share the same theology, I was closing myself off to God.

I had this fear, that what if, heaven for bid, I became an Arminist if I opened myself up to God or others around me? How freakin lame Amanda!

However there are some doctrinal things worth fighting for (the big guys: Jesus is the ONLY way, the elements needed for the Gospel, etc).

All this to say, we are saved by grace, nothing else, lets keep reminding ourselves of that.

ps. Here is the article:

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Chelms Varthoumlien said...

I've been meaning to blog this issue lately. It seems, currently, there is a growth of much pride along with much understanding of God's sovereignty. I was one of them so to speak. It's such a mockery of God's grace and even a mockery of John Calvin's convictions himself. Thanks for sharing the article! Much appreciated.