Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cozy in the City

Even though I live in downtown Montreal with all the glamour and glitz, I still enjoy coming home to comfort. I've never really been a fan of modern furniture, or if I do, I like it in small doses, like realllly small.

Something I have been wanting/eyeing for a while is a cozy arm chair to put near my window. To be able to sit and listen to the rain fall, enjoy the cool summer breeze (or the lack thereof one on those hot, humid days in Monts) or enjoy the first snowfall.

And yesterday, thanks to a wonderful family here in Montreal, I was blessed with this cozy arm chair! Funny enough when we got it in here Loni mentioned that it looked great against my wall colours! She was right! I was actually going to recover it, but the way its tied into the painting my talented roomate has hanging in our living room here there really is no need :D

So, the room isn't quite complete, but I am enjoying this new piece of furniture at the moment. Thank you Smits family! You are such a blessing to me :D

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