Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Tonight after listening to Francis Chan's sermon on "Luke warm and Lovin it" I was deeply convicted and bothered and my state of lukewarmness.

I've realized that its really easy to make other things a priority over God in your life. What's mine? Pure laziness and trying to find comfort and satisfaction in this world.

That has been my priority for a while. I always say how much I love Christ, but do I really? Do I really love Him enough that I would say "Lord take everything, you are more than enough for me?"

I would have to say no at this point.

So, in lieu of that answer I was moved to take action on this conviction.

I will be taking a media fast from twitter, facebook and blogging for the next month.

So if you want to get in contact with me email is best:

And for those who have my digits, feel free to call and text away :)

Lastly, check out this song:

Can't help but worship God to these great lyrics <3

Peace out!

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