Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's News

In Technology
Finding a new template is ridiculously HARD!
I def wasted a good couple hrs on it
and alas, I'm still not 100% satisfied
If only HTML didn't take so long to learn :(
So, you may see several changes in the next few days as I try and find a template that suits moi, stay tunned.

In Weather
We hit a low of -27 or something of that sort? Too cold for me :O {and I don't complain about the cold too much usually}. But today I was a wuss.

In Church
I attended my FIRST EVER French Service Yesterday {WOOOT, BIG FAITH BARRIER pour moi!} and I understood {the worship that is ;D}. The sermon not so much {I understood all of God and Lazarus}. It will take time, but atleast the initial barrier is broken!

In Cafe
Ah good ol work! Lots of adventures here friends. Let's just say:" what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger?" {Jesus do your thing}

In Planning
Got a wee bit excited last night about a possible missions opportunity that describes EXACTLY what I want to do, for life {possibly!}. Buuut we aren't going to blog about that one just yet ;D

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Laura said...

Hey Amanda! just checking out your blog...French church can be scary! do you have a French Bible? I found when I was in france that really helped me, since I was familiar with a lot of the stories/passages being taught, and then could learn the French vocabulary...and I also made it a point to read it in the subway on my way to classes...just a thought!