Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On Self Image

So last night while trying to fall asleep, Satan was up to his usual business of being a jerk. As I tried to drift off into sleep I heard:

"Amanda your so ugly, you'll never amount to anything, no one will ever want you"

Now, I am not normally one to be self-conscious of my image {Not to say I think I am the best looking thing to walk the planet, but it's not something I generally struggle with by the grace of God}. But last night, his lies started to sink in.

I found my head and heart in a bit if a war last night:

{heart says:}
"You are so right! No one ever would want to be with me, there are so many more beautiful people in this world."

{head says}
"You know this isn't true! You know God created you and you know that verse that you are fearfully and wonderfully's true."

And then I fell asleep.

Morning comes and I somewhat recall the night's events of the war that seemed to be going on. So I continue to ask God for His truth to penetrate my heart.

Break time comes along and one of my dear Christian colleagues graces me with her presence and encouragement.

She begins:
"You know what's so funny? This morning I was just staring at you and thought wow Amanda is so beautiful and then God started telling me to tell you this!'

"Usually I would say smile and say thanks akwardly {not to think much of it}, but today I really needed to hear that."

I explained to her how I was so insecure last night with my image and asked God to speak truth to my heart, and He did, through her.

She continued to heap loads of truth and wisdom onto me, telling me how much God adores me and how GOOD His plans are for me.

I was so thankful for this. God REALLY does provide for our EVERY need. Even if we think its a small need, God doesn't, He is our Father and LOVES LOVES LOVES speaking encouragement and truth to His children. That's just one of the reasons I am crazy in love with God.

So is there an area in your life where you could use encouragement? Ask God and watch Him provide :)


Bethany said...

Such a good post, Amanda!! ::hug::

rrrachel said...

so timely to hear. thanks for sharing amanda :)

Katherine said...

There is a wonderful book that you may really enjoy called, Captivating. It is by John and Staci Eldredge.
Thanks for sharing.