Monday, February 14, 2011

On God's goodness

"God is good to both YOU and ME"
This was the sweet truth my friend Mandy shared with me on this Feb 14th day.

I had come to realize that I believed God was good to others, BUT not me. I seemed to feel that everyone else was experience His blessings but me {which is TOTALLY MESSED THEOLOGY, JE SAIS, JE SAIS!}.

But, its what I believed in my heart.
I then asked if I needed to repent of this.
God began to make it clear that me not believing He is good to me affects my relationship with Him in several ways:
  • I start relying on my own strength and not His b/c I don't think He has this one under control
  • Its incorrect theology as stated above, thus not worshiping Him in truth
  • I become a very bitter and cynical person
If I take His promises and believe Him to be good, this is what happens:
  • I do my part in working hard and TRUST God with the results
  • Even when I don't see what I may think is His goodness, I take Him at His word and TRUST that the season is GOOD for me
  • I become thankful and grateful to experience His goodness {as I am undeserving of it, but that doesn't mean, I don't have it ;D}
So, heart of mine, take root in this good truth. He is good and may you be reminded of it...DAILY ;D


Bethany said...

Great post, Amanda, and well supported. :) To His goodness. <3

Sunshine said...

Enjoying you posts. Peace be with you