Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grace is for everyone

Today kinda got me thinking about all the "thankless jobs" out there.

Where would we be without the service industry?
Where would we be with mom's or dad's?
Where would we be without the garbage man {or woman}?

Being in the service industry, you can't help but think about these things. There are days I come home feeling so used {anyone else with me on this one?}.

When will we start valuing people for people and not just looking at them and sneering at the job they do or don't do for that matter.

That person has a soul, feelings, life, struggles...Only God knows what.

Thanks be to God that I am not just a girl working in customer service. I am a daughter of the King, deeply loved by God.

But this goes deeper then me being loved. It just goes to show how much God loves everyone despite their social status or anything they've ever done. God is waiting for us to come to Him just as we are. His grace is for everyone and its RIDIC good.


Peter said...

I once had to be at school for 7 am, and on a morning when we received a surprise snow storm. Had it not been for the salt on the stairwell I was walking down, I would've seriously injured myself. That's when God nudged me that city workers had to be up super early to put the salt there. It was a good reminder for me :)

Amanda said...

Those gentle reminders are pretty darn awesome! Thanks for sharing :)