Thursday, March 24, 2011


Mmmm Mini Eggs. I have a jar of them sitting in my living room and if it wasn't 8am I may consider running and grabbing a handful.

But back to the reason for this post. EASTER. Last weekend I walked into Walmart only to find myself walking in a sea of pastels and chocolate. What you see above my friends is what media portrays as "Easter".

And what Media portrays as Easter we do a facebook "like". We like things that don't rub us the wrong way. We like what serves us now and makes us comfortable now. We like hearing we can have our best life now or that we deserve it.

But when we hear anything different than that, we brush it off as "relative truth". We say "oh that's great for you, but not for me".

We want a life that's based around "me" and "my" wants and needs.

But, I wonder what it would be like if we listened to things that are unsettling and rub us the wrong way from time to time. What's the fear? Are we scared of giving up our comfortable lives?

I can say for me, that is a definite resounding "yes".

I've got it made here in Montreal. Great friends, Great church, a beautiful semi-victorian style apartment and pretty much anything I could ever want.

But I have to daily ask myself, am I willing to give those things up for something so much better? Do I know that if I have NONE of those things, I will be OK?

I think I know the answer to that one and it's not the one I want.

I want my sin to be more unsettling than the thought of losing it all {woah scary prayer}.

ps. semi side note: Currently reading Augustine Confessions and he had it SO right in describing our sin. Check it out.


Marie-Claire said...

I Facebook Like this post :)

Hansen Lung said...

Nice use of pop-culture reference :D but in all seriousness, thanks for this post. Quite the challenge you have set forth.