Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's Encouraging

For those days when your soul needs to "leap" a little. Here are some things God has done to bring me some encouragement:

  1. Seeing the Youth Group I work with come together and think of ways they can help Democratic Republic of Congo {ie. using their gifts and talents to raise money to build wells and buy materials for Pastors in training}
  2. Hearing from my roomate that 20 ppl put their trust in the Lord at Concordia University this year! {Praise God!}
  3. On note two, have a wonderful wonderful roomie who makes me fall over in belly laughter {and makes AMAZING bibimbap ;D}
  4. Asking some great girlfriends to join me in prayer over my workplace as it continues to stress me out and see God give me CRAZY peace that surpasses ALL understanding as I lay my anxieties at His feet.
  5. After really wanting to be "discipled" and "mentored" by someone. I saw God provide that need for me and have been SO RICHLY BLESSED by dear dear Mrs. M ;D
  6. I have a personal relationship with the Maker of this world and how BLESSED I am to know Him and to know that He will never, no never leave or forsake me :)
  7. All the pain, injustice, tears, mourning, sickness, death will come to an end. He makes all things new.


Jess said...

22 ppl actually, and that's the whole city, not just Concordia. Still exciting though!

Amanda said...

thanks for the clarification and yes, still very exciting!