Tuesday, April 26, 2011

an unwanted friend?

So really early Sunday morning {I'm talkin 3am} I wake up feeling a little sick to my tummy. So I figure I'll take some drugs and crawl back into bed. However, my body had a different idea. The next thing I know I wake up in my bed with a couple of paramedics surrounding me, yes friends I had a seizure Easter morning.

I got taken to the hospital and had some bloodwork run to find that my med levels were low {so up they went}. After that, they said they would call me this week with an appt to see a neurologist, but in the meanwhile I could leave. All I could think about was how much I wanted to get to church {it was EASTER SUNDAY and I DIDN'T want to miss that message!}.

So I got home around 8am and tried napping {but failed}, so I opted to eat something and head to church. Now even though I was somewhat nodding off, I really enjoyed the sermon.

As well, one of the families from the church invited me out for Easter dinner and though I was exhausted, I wasn't going to turn down the offer {besides it wasn't wise for me to be home alone and I got to take a little nap while out there}.

I must say, as much as I missed my home and really wanted my mom to take care of me, I felt so blessed by this wonderful church fam {esp the mom}. She made sure I took a nap, told me to take another if need be and just extended her motherly instincts towards me in knowing I wasn't feeling good.

I won't be able to thank this family enough. God bless you guys!

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dee said...

glad to hear you are okay!! :)
you are very brave! <3