Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bienvenue dans ma vie {lately}

The past few days in Montreal have been GLORIOUS weather wise! I am crazy excited for
straw hats {as you can see to the right}, picnics with fresh food from the market or from here: {}, jazz fest and the wedding celebrations of some of my lovely friends and family.

So that's what's ahead, as for now life has been pretty sweet. Having had a seizure Easter weekend forced me to slow down again/re-evaluate all I am doing and to be mindful of my body's capacity and warning signals. It's really hard when you are the type of person who likes to try and get LOADS done in one day, but realizing it may be impossible for your body.

In light of that, here's whats on my mind/what I've been learning lately:
  1. I don't actually multitask, I just have a bunch of windows open on my computer and jump from one article to the next, which achieves what now? SO, I've been forcing myself to focus on ONE task at a time and it's AMAZING what you can get done!
  2. I'm learning ALOT about how deeply God loves me {insert Psalm 139 here and the hymn How deep the Father's love for us}. There would be countless days this week where part of that hymn would come to mind, like: His dying breath has brought me life or That He should give His only Son, to make a wretch His treasure
  3. Thinking alot about how I can use my education, experience and resources to further His Kingdom as I re-read John Piper's Don't Waste Your Life
  4. Being an adult is HARD
  5. Going home for the weekend was nice, but I realized how much I LOVE Montreal and how this is now home :)
  6. I'm super STOKED to learn French and that with each passing day, I'm understanding it more :D
  7. The Gospel, TRULY brings me joy. Can I PLEASE remember that when I try and fill that void with something else for the 15,069th time?!?!? PLEASE!
That's a glimpse of what's going on, oh yes and its that lovely time of roomate/apartment hunting...pray is much appreciated ;)


dee said...

you found a hat! yay! ^_^

Tom said...

Hey. Just found your blog and am happy coz your clearly all about the gospel!

I love john pipers books, especially Dont waste your life - its totally life changing...

Keep up the blogging, and well done with the hat :)