Sunday, June 12, 2011

Do you ever?

I can't help but wonder sometimes if I'm actually growing in my walk with the Lord. I see things like my impatience, pride and just all together sinful nature come back to haunt me daily. Moment by moment sometimes. It's highly discouraging.

"Will I ever get it?"
I hear myself saying.

"When oh when will I stop loosing my patience or being such a jerk?"

My shortcomings are SO EVIDENT.
Yet He loves me all the same.

Discouraged and wondering


Shaun and Holly said...

Life is a journey! And there are seasons in our journey! That is why we are so in need of Him.

Completely normal my Dear! :)

yeti said...

I often feel like I end up learning the same lesson over and over and coming back to the same place in my life. I hear what you are saying.
But, maybe everytime I turn to him a little sooner and he is with us!