Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Goin to the Chapel"

No I'm not going to the chapel of love and getting married. BUT my friend is. She's getting married at the end of March and hasn't found a dress yet {eek, we all know let's not stress her out more}. Until I beheld this beauty from the 1950's at a little Boutique in Downtown Belleville. Let's just say Belleville has some perks. Such as this adorable store and GLORIOUS dress for the low price of 350.00 with a matching little jacket! How Cute!

She's going to try it on this weekend...fingers crossed it fits :D

Close your eyes and picture this with me. Hair done in lose curls pinned to the side in a ponytail with beautiful teardrop pearl earrings. Breath taking.

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Ewka . said...

nice !