Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Lovely Spring Morn

MMMMM is right! This is how my Thursday morning started {not to shabby I'd say}. Others choose to continue doing this:

Annnyhow, while eating breakie and catching whiffs of this guy every so often...

I opted to pull out this Southeren gal's study of a very interesting book of the Bible:

So I'm currently on day two of this study and for any of you who have done a Beth Moore study you'll know they are extensive in nature. However, if you are looking for a rich study of His word, I highly recommend her studies.

Anyhow as I was saying, I'm on day two and was told in the study to read Esther 1:1-8 about five thousand times {a wee bit over dramatic but you'll get the point}. I'm reading and reading and reading and all I can see is this big party that's lasted for 187 days and it's got all the fixins like golden couches and vases {who doesn't want that at their party}. But then, as I get to the end of the study, it hits me like a mac truck why Beth takes us over that passage SO many times. This passage is very descriptive in talking about the white and purple linens hanging from silver rods with marble pillars and, and

The way this party is being described on a very micro scale reminds me of the vastness of God's Glory {ftr: I do believe He is much more wonderful than any party any king could ever throw, this is just a micro scale idea that doesn't even compare to the richness of His glory}. If you look at Psalm 96:4-6 it speaks of how He is the only one to be praised {longer than 187 days too!}. He is the ONLY one in which splendor and majesty sit before Him and the one who created the heavens. Not to forget Psalm 49:7-8 that talks about how no man in ALL his riches can ransom himself or any other man. ONLY God can do that.

Going back to those passages in Esther we see that King Xerxes wanted to have a party to show his riches, that he actually didn't inherit on his own. All these riches were an inheritance from his father.

I am like this king in SO many ways. I want people to like me and think wonderful things of me because of what I have or who I am. I want to be glorified just like this king.

But my best relation to this king is that I have my Fathers inheritance of riches. I am no longer a slave to my own desires in wanting to be liked because of what I have or who I am {let's face it, consumerism is a vicious circle}. But I am free, because I brought those desires to the foot of the cross. Knowing they would never satisfy and that only God could ever satisfy me.

Now those desires of acceptance in the eyes of others lay in the grave and I walk in the same newness of life as Jesus did when He rose from the grave over 2000 yrs ago this past Sunday.

Moral of the story: No riches or acceptance from man will ever satisfy. It didn't work for King Xerxes and hasn't worked for me. Only knowing Christ loves us and died for us just as we are.

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