Friday, November 23, 2012

Call me Scrooge

I'm not gunna lie.  I have been a bit of a Scrooge the past few months.  I'm usually the type of person who is SO eagar to put up decorations by the 1st of November.

However this year I can't really say that has been true of me.  I remember walking into a grocery store that was fully decorated for Christmas and Halloween had not even passed.  It kinda upset me.

Not that Halloween means anything to me as it doesn't, but it was just the fact that everything seems to be rushed.  I mean, can we not sit back and enjoy the beauty of Fall before heading into Christmas? Can we not take a moment out of our busy lives to respect those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom on Remembrance Day?

It just seems to me that with each passing year, the world is rushing into the next thing {and I am TOTALLY guilty of this} and forgets how to enjoy what is right there infront of them.

Maybe having to be off work for a bit due to my Torticollis is helping me realize what is right there infront of me and how to be thankful for it.  It's also helping me see the deeper value of each season. {ie.Christmas}. I'm thankful to not be out in the crowds on Black Friday.  I'm thankful that the Lord is preparing my heart for the Advent season.

Lord help my cynical heart.

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