Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Update

So last Tuesday, I went in to see my family doctor. He showed me that my lithium levels were at the top of the therapeutic range (700). He said its not a bad thing but I probably didn't need that much lithium in my body, so he made the decision to reduce my epilepsy meds which contains lithium. Scary I know! I was all "eek! I don't want to have a seizure!" But at the same time, if he sees fit for a reduction, then I need to trust his medical judgement. Note: this is not to say I have not questioned doctors, I go with my gut, and if something sounds fishy I drill them with questions.

So why reduce the levels you ask? Well having too much lithium in the body can bring up neurological issues (ie could be contributing to my neck spasms), so we reduced it.

The result? Well it's been a week and a day on the new dosage and with each passing day my neck is getting straighter and spazzing less! I'm not the only one seeing the results, my family has, church family has and even medical professional have! It's so exciting!

But the best of the best was when I was heading to bed late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. I got up off my bed to brush my teeth and looked STRAIGHT in the mirror! Now for those who may not have been following or just reading now this may come as no biggie. However those that have known the pain my neck has been in and how locked its been to the right will know that this is BIG! This means progress baby! Woohoo!

So that's been the health journey. As for nutrition I'm trying to implement more kale into my diet as its an energy booster and will really help me when I return to work. Check out my Pinterest if you are looking for some different ways to get kale into your diet! I'll post some smoothies later on too that my Nutrtionist recommended to keep you full and energized if you have a long day ahead and so you aren't always grabbing a cup of coffee or pop ;)

My spiritual journey, which really is in all aspects of my life. I see God growing me in so many ways. The first being reliance on Him. I'm always talking to Him and asking Him for wisdom, I want to experience His grace in every area of my life. I so easily become legalistic with a task. For example, if I am to go on a strict diet I will either a) follow it to the tea and be all prideful bc I did or b) fail miserably and then say "what's the point?" And you know what? None of those responses glorify God. He wants our hearts in everything. So I gave Him my heart with my diet, and asked for grace, truth and wisdom. This my friends is how real dieting works, by the grace of God.

And lastly, I thought I'd leave you with some things I'm reading and what I plan to challenge myself in reading. So I currently look forward to my Charles Spurgeon devotion every morning and evening. It's been very enriching to my walk with The Lord as it helps me understand the Gospel more and appreciate it more. I've also been reading Mark Driscolls new book "who do you think you are?". A really good read for me in this season as I sit back and allow God to shape my identity, as I'm notorious for building it upon other things :( and last but surely not least, I've been encouraged by some friends who have challenged themselves to read the Bible in a short amt of time. My one friend is doing a plan that reads 6 chapters a day in order to complete the Bible in 6 months. By Gods Grace I'm going to begin this today. I want to see the story of the Bible (the gospel) unravel before my eyes and heart in a short period of time. So here's to a new challenge! What are you reading currently for books and books of the Bible?

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