Sunday, March 10, 2013

A thankful heart

Thankfulness...something God has been and is still teaching me.

For so long, I took my health for granted.  I was able to eat what I pleased and not have to worry about working out.  My metabolism has always been pretty high.

However, when my neck took a turn for the worse, so did my energy levels.  I was in pain and weak all over.  It was not a great feeling.  I would have days where I wouldn't be able to leave the house due to extreme pain and weakness.  Very challenging for me as I am always on the go.

I started getting super frustrated with how my body was feeling.  I wanted to do all I could to fuel it right, so I made a call.  I got in touch with a Nutritionist/Homeopath.  It was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made.

We sat down and started discussing how I was feeling and what my diet and eating habits looked like.  She saw that I am the type of person that eats more frequently, but small portions when I do eat.  That is what keeps me going.  However, I need to make sure that when I do eat, I am feeding my body things that will keep it energized!

Some things we noted and discussed was bread.  I am not by any means Celiac, however I don't like how bread makes me feel after I eat it {regardless of it being white, multigrain or whole wheat}.  I feel sluggish, tired and worn out.  So I went a few weeks without bread and noticed I had alot more energy.

Now since I'm eating little to no bread you are probably wondering what I eat for breakfast to fill me up.  Well its not a bagel or toast, that's for sure.  I have a REALLY hard time eating first thing in the morning.  I find alot of breakfast food too heavy, greasy or it has LOADS of milk and I am lactose it doesn't leave me with too many options.  So my Nutritionist suggested morning shakes.  She said this is a great alternative especially if you are feeling weak and having trouble eating {which I was when my neck was in severe pain}.  This way I would be sure to get ALL my nutrients into my body :)

Here's an idea of what my shakes generally look like.  This keeps me going for a few hrs and then I need a snack.

-mixed berries
-almond milk {plain}
-almond butter {tbsp}
-hemp seeds {tbsp}

The hemp seeds are KEY because they fill you up! And when I'm working retail I need something that will keep me fueled for a few hrs til the next break ;)

So adding that into my diet kept me full and going longer. 

I also added a green smoothie into my afternoons.  They keep me going longer, so then I won't be running to Starbucks or Timmys for that 1pm caffeinated, sugar coated energy boost.

So as you can see, these past few months have shown me not to take my body for granted, but to be a good steward of it.  I am still learning and probably always will.  My goal isn't to have the flattest stomach or fittest body as that's idolatry.  What I want, is to feel healthy, strong and energized as I carry out my daily tasks.  Only by His grace is this achievable. 

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