Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clean Eating

Long before hurting my neck I struggled with what I thought maybe low blood sugar. I had some blood work done and my random glucose levels came back fine. So entered my Nutritionist. We discussed how sluggish and weak I felt even after eating a meal and how somedays foods would go right through me.

She gave me a homeopathic remedy, but also noted that my metabolism is that of a Marathon runner and I need to be eating a healthy fat and protein every two hrs. I also need to consume 1800 calories a day.

She also suggested I go sugar and gluten free for a couple of weeks as I've been having some killer headaches lately and she thinks gluten and or sugar may be the culprits.

So with all that said and done I got researching clean eating and gluten free and I found an amazing meal planning website called emeals.

What you do is pick your lifestyle/diet (clean eating, gluten free etc), select the number of ppl you are feeding and voila! For 7 dollars a month, they provide you with the cheapest deals to get your groceries (if your like me you can add match and get it all at Walmart hehe) and delicious meals according to your lifestyle.

The reason I blogged about this, is I know that when I get a place of my own one day, that between my 40hr plus work week, coming home and trying to figure out what I want for dinner will be the last thing I want to think about.

We need to choose where we want to invest our time and money and I think this program is great for those crazy busy seasons of life.

Ps. On the Walmart front, I am not a fan of buying everything Walmart. But I also believe there is a time and season for everything. For right now, eating well and paying off my loans are my priority ;) Then I hope to support locals more as I hope to own a local business one day myself.

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