Friday, May 17, 2013

Neck Update

So yesterday was a good day.  Why is that you ask? Well I finally got some answers on why my neck was the way it was for 5 months.  Yesterday I spent two hrs in a high rise building in Toronto being examined by a resident doctor and a Neurologist.  After telling them what happened to my neck, they tried to get a further understanding of what went on my body during that time to cause my 'short term dystonia'.

For a few months I was under the impression that my medication was a huge contributing factor to my neck spasms, however the correlation of my medication for my seizures doing something like this is unheard of, thus making all of us question what really caused my dystonia.

The Neurologist came to the conclusion that I experienced 'transitional dystonia' and I'm still not fully healed from it as my head still twitches a little and is not fully in the centre.  He explained everything in such a calm manner that it was relatively easy to digest.  The scary thing; is that it could very well make another appearance as I have a genetic predisposition to it.

However, there are treatment options; Botox injections (which thankfully do not bring on seizures like I thought!).  He said I would only need a few every yr if the dystonia returned and I was more than welcome to come see him for the injections or if the dystonia ever returned.  

He also is sending my family doctor a list of Neurologists I could see for my epilepsy! Even ones who specialize in the field.

The thought of the dystonia returning definitely frightens me, but the fact that I have a line up of amazing medical professional behind me and a God who is bigger than my circumstances is a huge blessing.  

Thank You Lord for taking care of my every need.


Shaun and Holly said...

THanks for the update. HUGS!

Shaun and Holly said...

Thanks for the update. HUGS!