Wednesday, September 16, 2009

thoughts from the past few days

thought 1-Praise God He gave me a job in this beautiful city of Montreal and the opportunity to learn French :)

thought 2-i really need to learn how to finish a book i start, i have a serious problem with having 10 books on the go all at once! i can't help it though, i love reading!

thought 3-living with Dorrie and being blessed by late night discipleship moments or tears over breakfast as i share my deepest sins or desires

thought 4-i really enjoy being creative and exploring different ways to express my creativity

thought 5-i dream of having a massive at home library with multiple books. one's that challenge me in my faith and others that i can sit and have a good laugh at or cry

thought 6-i love women's ministry and seeing women living authentically for Christ. i feel so blessed that i can play a part in that being here in Montreal :)

thought 7-i desire to marry a man who also lives an authentic life for Christ, who can do the things i cannot (ie. start a fire while camping, teach in the church or open those classico pasta jars...darn those jars!), who will enjoy a classy evening on the town from time to time or even a nice night in watching the Habs beat the leafs while eating a great meal :)

thought 8-i want to write a book or a blog that discusses real issues within a Christian woman's life

thought 9-i'd like to make something creative or new that is useful...what, i don't know


redeemed diva said...

I whole-heartedly agree with you and having too many books on the go! My secret dream is to be a librarian when I grow up. And I think you do have a blog where you can discuss women's issues from a Christian perspective. I'm 30 and I'd love to hear your perspective at this stage of life.

Lydia said...

tip for the classico jars: run them under HOT HOT tap water...then use a cloth to open. those stubborn things become SUPER easy under hot water :)

Amanda said...

redeemed diva: thanks so much for reading and your kind words :) i appreciate it!

lydia: thank you! i have spent countless mins of my life trying to open those darn jars :P