Thursday, October 1, 2009

three cheers for globalization (for today atleast)

as soon as i stepped off the metro today my eyes almost welled up with tears.
why is that you ask?
i looked to my left and saw walmart!
right now you are probably seeing a disconnect...why would walmart make one sad?

well to answer your question, it didn't make me sad.
i have actually never been happier in my life to see a walmart
i think it has to do with the fact that i have been a little homesick lately
i must admit going from one small city, to a bit of a bigger one to an actual city is quite the adjustment (especially when trying to learn a new language)

today when i went to walmart and was shopping with my friend (Emily) we chatted about how much we both missed home and our moms. i am so thankful i have a few friends to share these thoughts and emotions with. i personally:

miss the small city feel
miss pulling into the driveway of our cute little house
miss the way it hugs you when you walk into it
miss my puppy (rocky) jumping on me as i walk in
miss my BEDROOM, its organization, its decor and clean linen candles ohh so much!
miss late night convo's, trips to walmart, chapters, small towns and lunch dates with my mom
miss having all the signs in english and people talking in english (that may just be from bad experiences with some francophones)
miss movie dates with my bro
miss watching chef at home with my dad
miss maranatha so much! i love that church and truly see Jesus at work there, i love it!

Lord please help me adjust and get settled here in Montreal. i love many parts of this city, but i pray you would help me make this home.


Holly said...

I think you have a bit of Culture Shock as well as a strong case of homesickness. Between the 2, I am sure it feels quite overwhelming!!
Hugs for you!!! ~Growing up is HARD. You are up for it though, I know it. Prayer and love going out to you as your "adjust". Don't be afraid to grieve. It's healthy. Tears are liquid prayers. You won't "stay" in the grief forever...eventually joy will find you. I promise!

Gloria said...

i kno the exact feeling ur going throu. EXACTLY! everytime i feel homesick in hong kong, i just go to a starbucks, or ikea, and today i found an aldo! ahhaha thank goodness.

love n miss u,