Monday, November 30, 2009

The Holly and the Ivy

Some of my fave things/traditions during the Christmas season:
1. Pumpkin pie (keep the cool whip please!)-it's the BEST when it's sat in the fridge for a while. YUMMY!
2. Lattes-since working at Second Cup, the smell of warm fresh steaming milk combined with creamy espresso...GLORIOUS!
3. Josh Groban's Christmas CD, Charlie Brown's Christmas CD
4. No lights in the living room (aside from the ones off the tree and candles)
5. The Christmas Disney parade on Christmas day
6. Snowy walks, train rides, drives...all warm and cozy, sipping on an apple cider
7. The Christmas Classics (Rudolph, Frosty) I remember the tradition like yesterday. My fam would make a wonderful dinner, sit down and watch the parade on Global TV and then watch the classics :)
8. Late night shopping with mom and refueling over New York Fries and Pepsi
9. CHRISTMAS CAROLS! Especially one's about our Lord and Savior (serious chills)
10. Even the small town Santa Clause Parades- my mom and bro and I would all go together and get some hot chocolate before hand. Even though the floats weren't always the best, the music was always good and we always managed to have fun freezing our butts off!
11. Putting the tree up with my bro and mom while dad sits peacefully and watches
12. Family get-togethers (no matter how broken we all are, there is something nice about seeing everyone again)

I love these traditions and the ones to come...let's see if I can think of a new one for this yr
What are some of your favorite things at this time of year?

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